How To Survive An Affair – Talking Things Out Is Not It!

If your faced with how to survive an affair, you might assume that talking 3d false eyelash out with your partner will work… but will it?Mblln

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Talking about the details of his/her affair, who the affair was with, and how to survive an affair will often trigger more anger, upset and negative thoughts. Accusations and judgement will be present, and both of you will be trying to get your individual needs met through the 3d false eyelash.

You may be the chatty one in the relationship or it may be your spouse, but either way, one partner is always more talkative than the other. The “talker” will likely be the pursuer and rely on verbal sharpness to direct the conversation, while the “non-talker” may feel inadequate and attempt to control with 3d false eyelash.

Words are powerful3d false eyelash

What you say, how you say it, and the intent behind your words will all be visible to your husband/wife.

Saying the wrong thing, or the right thing the wrong way, can immediately destroy any good momentum or feelings accumulated up until now.

It’s not recommended to get into conversations where you’re looking to take and not give. Your partner will sense this and it usually leads to him/her explaining, defending, attacking and then withdrawing.

We need to talk usually means –

I want to tell you what to do and how I want you to change.

I want to list everything that is wrong with you.

I want to beat up on you verbally for what you did.

I want to tell you what my expectations are and where you went wrong.

I want to make you realize the damage you caused for our marriage/family.

If your faced with how to survive an affair, I can assure you that this type of “talking” will not save your marriage.

Focusing on finding the truth behind your feelings and your husband’s/wife’s feelings is the key. This is accomplished by using “I” statements in the conversation. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable communicating like this as it’s human nature to 3d false eyelash out and get back at a person when you’ve been hurt, but believe me when I say, this will be the key to rebuilding your marriage.

If you focus on hurt feelings and dictating instructions to your spouse, talking things out this way is not the solution. It is better not to talk at all.

Remember, your words are powerful and will trigger reactions. Make them count and choose your 3d false eyelash wisely!

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Denise A. Dilmore is an editor and writer exploring the healing process of infidelity and helping couples rebuild and save their marriage.


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