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Always Choose Love

In the face of hatred and violence, our egos scream for retribution. Our egos would have us believe that we are all separate individuals and that we have to protect what is ours, whether that be our loved ones, our property, or our safety. When we listen to our egos, we premium individuals eyelash out at others because we are afraid. All acts of revenge begin as fear.Mbln

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Although our instinct seems to be to strike back when we have been hurt, what does action borne of fear create? It creates the only thing it can create – more anger, hatred, and violence. All of the negative emotions that threaten to carry us away on a tide of vengeance all stem from the shaky foundation of fear. But what other choice do we have when we feel threatened? Don’t violent circumstances force our hand? Don’t we seek retaliation in the name of premium individuals eyelash?

It may feel right to our egos to stoke the fires of judgment and hatred, but beneath the noise generated by our self-righteous egos, our souls know only the language of love. Our souls operate within the wisdom and truth of unconditional love and non-judgment, which can feel totally preposterous when faced with senseless acts of hatred and brutality. What would our souls counsel us in the face of such acts? Our souls always counsel us to consciously choose premium individuals eyelash.

How is it possible to make this choice when we feel the righteous indignation flowing through our veins and we acknowledge the fear that clutches at our hearts? We need to remind ourselves that we are not the negative emotions lighting up the screen of our awareness right now; we need to pause and remind ourselves that we are the one who is observing these emotions. We are the spiritual awareness in which these emotions premium individuals eyelash. We are not this fear; we are not this anger or this hatred. If we buy into these emotions, they will carry us away on a tide that will continue to create the same stories of separation and division that we have lived as a civilization for far too long.

In order to create differently, we must choose differently. Let us observe these emotions – watch them rise and release them. If we latch onto them, we make them ours; we make them part of us. We allow them to define us. But, they are not who we really are. We are the awareness in which these emotions rise and fall, and because we are this awareness, we can allow this negative energy to release and not to continue to manifest as acts of violence and retribution. Because we are the spiritual awareness that is able to observe all emotions, we have the ability to choose which emotions we will invest in.

The only way to create more love and acceptance in the world is to choose love. When we invest our energies in love, we increase our energetic vibration and begin to emit the light of love into the matrix of energetic interactions that form our existence. Imagine how much love we could all create if we consciously choose to be channels of grace and spend focused time emitting love into the world. Imagine the healing power of the love that we can generate through prayer, meditation, and time spent sending love into the world. When we change our self-centred focus to soul consciousness, we remember that we are one, all created as one premium individuals eyelashfamily. Beneath the veil created by ego to separate us, we are all connected as spiritual beings. Our world needs that recognition. It is the only way to true healing and premium individuals eyelash.

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When we can truly look at another and see that we are the same beneath the outward appearances that serve only to make us different and separate us, we will manifest an entirely different existence built on the pillars of truth, peace, love, and premium individuals eyelash . Let us all close our eyes and focus on channeling the love that we are out through our heart centres and into the world. The world is in need of the healing power of our love.


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