Nutrients For Better Eyelashes

If you want thicker, longer, fuller eyelash beauty there are literally hundreds off cosmetic products on sale that claim to guarantee just that. However, even if all of these claims were legitimate (which if the cosmetics industry as a whole is anything to go by, they’re not) you would need a small fortune to purchase the full spectrum of products available.Mbln

eyelash beauty
eyelash beauty

So instead of forking out for expensive conditioners, growth serums and make-up, why not make some simple changes to your diet instead? Here is some information regarding nutrients that might give the look of your eyelash beauty a real boost:

B Vitamins
The B group of vitamins are, perhaps, the most important for the health of hair in general (and by extension, the eyelashes). They were once thought to be a single chemical substance (referred to as “Vitamin B”, in much the same way as “Vitamin C”) but are now recognised to be eight distinct substances.

Vitamin B5 is amongst the most important, as it provides hairs and eyelash beauty with flexibility, strength and shine and helps prevent hair loss. B12 is also important for the prevention of excess hair loss, and B6 can help to maintain a healthy scalp.

Sources: Unprocessed foods are the best places to find B vitamins as a whole, and can be consumed in whole grains, potatoes, bananas, chilli peppers, beans and brewer’s yeast. They are perhaps most concentrated in meats and fish, such as tuna, turkey and liver.

Biotin is technically also a B Vitamin, but is listed here separately to stress its importance for healthy hair and eyelash beauty growth.

A deficiency in biotin can result in very poorly conditioned hair and nails- its effect can be seen very clearly in the loss of eyebrows and eyelash beauty, and for this reason anyone looking to improve the condition of their lashes should ensure they are getting plenty of biotin in their diet.

Sources: There aren’t many particularly rich dietary sources of biotin, but amongst the best are swiss chard, egg yolk and peanuts. It can also be acquired through supplementation if you feel you might not be getting enough.


Iron plays a large part in many biological processes. It is best known perhaps for its function in the production of red blood cells, but it is also thought to be a possible major cause of hair loss (particularly in women) which includes the eyelash beauty. This has yet to be proved conclusively, but it is possible that poor iron absorption is to blame.

Sources: Red meats are the obvious choice for anyone suffering with symptoms of anaemia, but fish, pulses, cereals and spinach are also very good alternatives.

eyelash beauty
eyelash beauty

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