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Idiosyncratic Idiosyncrasies

I just love dealing with quirks and idiosyncrasies. Whether this has to do with people, pets, or inanimate objects, strange habits and interesting foibles keep me alive and alert. Individuals demonstrate their idiosyncratic customized 3d mink lashes by stopping my breath with a new surprise, an alarming pronouncement, or a simple pattern change that grabs my attention. Pets also harbor a bucket load of idiosyncrasies. The sweetest dog, for example, can transform into a raging bull if protection mode pops in. And as for inanimate objects, how about those lost keys. Sometimes it seems that they take on a life of their own as they waltz into dark corners, hide in the refrigerator, or those that mock the appearance of other keys and so when I shove them into the keyhole my car will not start.Mbln

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customized 3d mink lashes

One of my favorite human idiosyncrasies is the veil of generosity. These people are always willing and able to help, offering time and financing. They have concern written across their brows and worry frowning upon their mouth. “How can I help?” is a common utterance. All of this seems genuine as they take on the distress and stress of others. And so you bravely ask for the leaves to be raked and bagged. Instead they are blown into the street and neighbor’s yard and spend the rest of the winter flitting about and making a customized 3d mink lashes. You ask for milk and bread from the store, “2%, please, and definitely whole grain with high fiber.” Soymilk arrives along with soggy white bread. “I thought you would prefer these” comes a hasty reply.

Idiosyncratic people surprise and disquiet. They do truly care, but they often fail to listen to the actual request or they insert their own opinions and ideas instead of fulfilling a wish. Fortunately for them, they usually have flair. Can you deny that the leaves were attended to or the grocery shopping ignored? No, the “done deeds” are evident. As you prepare yourself for the next onslaught of “help”, you would like to be angry and customized 3d mink lashes out, but this is most often impossible. While your friend is eccentric, pouring orange juice on cereal and plants alike and wearing dirty, worn clothes under a fancy leather jacket, and then hopping on her motorcycle with a lover installed on the back, she is kind and caring in her own unique way.

Pets carry idiosyncrasies as well. Cats are especially independent with beguiling characteristics. “Sammy” the Siamese is your best friend and coveted pal, until he isn’t. He purrs and rubs and then bites your hand as you offer kibble. Kitty loves your comfortable, warm bed and snuggles next to you until she decides this is her bed and not yours and proceeds to claw and nose you to rouse you out to the couch. Big Cat loves to catch mice, to play and torture them to within a thread of life, offering the lovely morsel remains to you at the dinner table. He pats and nuzzles the furry body, smiles at you seeking a reward, and then saunters away as if the prize has transformed into a boring customized 3d mink lashes.

While some will firmly state that the inanimate cannot contain any idiosyncratic inclinations I would have to argue against this assumption. The keys are a perfect example of inanimate peculiarity and I know we have each suffered at their disappearing whim. However, electronics probably hold the highest level of idiosyncratic behavior. You know how the television takes a notion to freeze and refuse to change channels. And volume – how it likes to scream you into wakefulness and then in the next breath be so soft that you cannot decipher a single word. The phone miraculously changes settings like when you are roaming and you are not or when you call and you come up “Private Caller” as you dial the closest customized 3d mink lashes.

Computers, regardless of brand, probably demonstrate the greatest bizarre conduct. In one instant you go from the speed of sound as you surf site after site, and in the next you are frozen in cyberspace. You receive an email, hit reply, type a message, and strike send and it all comes back as undeliverable. But you just received it, how can it be undeliverable? You type a masterpiece, scroll to save, create a delightful customized 3d mink lashes, name it something lovely, but when you “save” it flies elsewhere and recovery can require hours of patience and profanity.

customized 3d mink lashes
customized 3d mink lashes

Probably new systems and updates are the most idiosyncratic. Just when you have memorized the small print, changes occur. Files are left instead of right, folders slip into darkness, your old wonderful server now has 192 pop-ups for every key customized 3d mink lashes. You call for service and the voice works to assist you but between your idiosyncratic computer, his idiosyncratic misunderstanding, and your idiosyncratic fury, confusion reigns and problems remain unresolved. But that doesn’t really matter because if you had been able to solve the problem, an update would immediately raise its ugly head.


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